Javorova valley

Glacial valley in the north of the High Tatras with mountain stream Javorinka.

The beginning of the Javorová Valley passes through a nice wooded terrain, in the middle of the valley, the forest passes through the forest. At the end, above the line of alpine dwarfpine, it begins to rise in steeper elevations from where you steeply ascends to Sedielko saddle. The valley has many side valleys and valleys.The name is borne by maples that grew more in the surrounding forests in past, nowadays is weakly present. Forests of former Javorina estate suffered greatly for the needs of mining history lepenkární, burning charcoal and clear cut system. Representation of maple is now weak or missing at all. The Geological Exposition of the Tatra Mountains is located at the hut under Muráň, where there is also a scientific area for the purpose of detecting the influence of sub-insects on spruce stands.